About Us

About The Chattahooligans

The Chattahooligans are an independent supporters group for Chattanooga Football Club. CFC is our passion.

We are the pride of the Scenic City. We are the defenders of Fort Finley. We are the party in the stands. We are our players’ second wind. We are their foe’s worst enemy. We are what keeps Don Garber up at night. We are what makes CFC the envy of this league and beyond.

We are your new priority.

We Stand For

The Chattahooligans care about our community and our city as much as our club. We boast a culture of inclusivity. We are proactive with safety. We celebrate our diversity, and seek to improve it. We make hospitality a priority. We are excellent to each other.

It’s not coincidence, it’s culture.

Get On Board

Being a supporter doesn’t require a membership fee or an initiation ritual. Our only requirement is that you stand with us and give your all for our club.

Want to volunteer? There is always a need for help on match day, tifo, and whatever projects come up. If you are a writer, graphic designer, artist, researcher, or have some other creative skill, absolutely [get in touch].

We also organize a host of field trips, meetups, and charity events all year, as well as the Chattahooligan Social Hour series on the last Tuesday of each month at Chattanooga Brewing Company.