Pre-Match Gameday Summary - Chattanooga FC travels to New Orleans Jesters - Saturday June 11th, 9pm Eastern / 8pm Central

CFC @ New Orleans

New Orleans is a fun sort of game on the field, and this year, it looks like this game is going to mean something again. In fact, the last Chattanooga FC loss that wasn't to a Professional team, or a Professional development team was to...New Orleans Jesters away in 2014. New Orleans currently sits in 2nd place, but they haven't played us yet. And that's where a lot of good teams run in to trouble.

Pre-Match Gameday Summary - Chattanooga FC hosts Knoxville Force - Tuesday June 7th 7:30pm at Finley Stadium

Knoxville @ CFC

This isn't quite on that Nashville level, but it is a Volunteer Shield game and therefore somewhat of a rivalry game! So far CFC leads in those standings, but Knoxville has a victory and would stand on top of that table if they won.   Knoxville is 2-0-1 in the league so far this year, already with more wins than the last 3 SEASONS combined!