Chattahooligan Live

In a collaboration between Chattanooga Football Club, The Chattahooligans and Undaground, Chattahooligan Live! was created to answer the call of personal, yet professional media coverage for all Chattanooga FC home games in 2016. In addition to commentary over the live stream at home, Chattahooligan Live! will take over the booth at any away games where the opponents lack a stream.

Pre-Match Gameday Summary - Chattanooga FC hosts Reading United AC - 7:30pm

The US Open Cup is the opportunity for any team in the US to be drawn against any other team.  The Cup competition takes all levels of soccer, and puts them into one tournament, with lower levels starting first, but the opportunity for any amateur team to take on an MLS team.

Reading United AC plays in the PDL - the other 4th Tier amateur soccer league in the U.S. and they come from Reading Pennsylvania about 1 hour outside of Philadelphia.  Reading plays there, but this is actually the MLS team Philadelphia Union's amateur u23 squad.

Gameday schedule contained within!

Pre-Match Gameday Summary - Chattanooga FC vs. Birmingham Hammers - 8:00pm Eastern

Birmingham @ CFC

While Chattanooga FC ended last season on a slight disappointment as the bridesmaid of NPSL once again, Birmhingham Hammers ended last season with hopes of stepping into NPSL for the first time.

Birmingham Hammers started last year as a non-League team but together with a lot of local guys who wanted to see soccer in Birmingham again.  Good on them, and as a modest sized city they should have a team to follow!