U.S. Open Cup Updates - Chattanooga FC to Face Reading United AC!

2016 US Open Cup Map

Last night marked the 1st round of the U.S. Open Cup. Chattanooga FC was originally scheduled to take part in it, but was given a bye to the 2nd Round when US Soccer realized that it hadn't planned quite enough teams.

However, one match did make a difference to CFC - and that was Atlanta Silverbacks at Reading United AC, being played in Reading, Pennsylvania.  The match was a solid 2-0 victory for Reading United, so we'll see them May 18th at Finley Stadium, as our first Home Opponent of the season

Post Match - Chattanooga FC Preview - Gold 3, Blue 2 - My Take

Finally!  The team is on the field.  On both ends even for this wonderful preview.  We didn't play full periods, but played like a legitimate game.  The players weren't quite full bore because we don't want to injure anyone, although Aldo pushed it a little with one of his tackles in the 2nd half, tsk, tsk.

But there are a ton of things to be excited about, and I realized that I still have a ton to learn about new players - some of whom I didn't have additional information on.  I'll probably end up doing a lot of editing as I rewatch the video this week, so stay tuned for updates!