A Thank You

Another season is in the books. It may not have been the fairytale ending we hoped for, but this tale was full of rollercoaster-like ups and downs, gut-wrenching twists and turns, and nearly incomparable highs and lows.

I wrote at the beginning of the season in an open letter that what I most wanted from CFC players was their heart. That when you stepped onto the field, wearing that blue and white crest, that you gave your heart for this city. Every second. Every match. Every day. That is what you gave us. I am proud of our team on and off the field.

Players, remember this: you are part of the Chattanooga FC family now. You are one of us and one of our own. Thank you for choosing to spend your summer in the Scenic City. Good luck in whatever comes next.


A Chattahooligan

Top cover photo courtesy of Galen Riley / Jim Myers Photography.